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Mobinnet Telecommunication Company is one of the largest Wireless Broadband Network operators in Iran, providing high-speed LTE internet, connectivity solutions, dedicated bandwidth, data center, digital services, etc. via efficient, nationwide infrastructure. Established in December 2008, Mobinnet launched its TD-LTE-based nationwide wireless network on 29 January 2017. An extensive range of home and enterprise internet and communication services has elevated Mobinnet to the position of the largest business wireless internet service provider. Mobinnet is currently expanding its services across Iran to cover as many locations as possible based upon its progress in LTE technology, national wireless network, radio links, and well-equipped data center.

The Best Fixed High-Speed Internet

TD-LTE Internet

TD-LTE is the state-of-the-art 4.5G wireless internet service in Iran that does not require a landline and offers an internet speed of up to 40 Mbps using just a modem and a SIM card. High speed and stability of the internet connection offered by Mobinnet have turned it to the best option for watching movies and series online, downloading and uploading large files, streaming a game online, surfing the web, using social networking sites, etc. For more information and purchase, fill the form and send the request for us.

Connectivity Solutions

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Connectivity solutions are a series of pivotal services Mobinnet offers and are based on state-of-the-art LTE(TDD-FDD), 3G, 2G, Vsat, PTP(Radio) technologies. Through these solutions, Mobinnet provides large and small organizations, enterprises, and businesses with unique capabilities. Organizations and enterprises that need a secure and stable communication platform for their offices may choose from among the four major categories under this service the one that best fits their needs. Each of these services comes with their special technical support:

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Internet Services

Dedicated Bandwidth

Using radio links, Mobinnet offers broad dedicated bandwidth to organizations, enterprises, and businesses.

Mobinnet broadband service offers plans of variegated sizes and durations with the following features:-24/7 expert tech support

-Heightened security using powerful firewalls



Managed Wi-Fi for Hotels (HiSpot)

This service is for travelers staying at hotels and accommodation centers providing them with control over data usage in addition to the identity establishment/authentication.

This service is offered to travelers on a Wi-Fi platform in a managed manner in order tooffer more efficient services to clients based on an integrated internet management system. This system has the following features:

-Smart notification system

-High-speed internet with customized traffic

-User identification

-Platform for offering modern value-added services

-Integration and user management

-Secure dedicated bandwidth with access to tech support

-Identity establishment and security tracking


Managed Smart Wi-Fi (Smart Spot)

This service enables enterprises to link their clients to their portals or, if necessary, the managed internet via secure access to their intranet. Mobinnet thoroughly considers and examines the needs of different markets and supplies the best service to the enterprisesso their clients can easily connect to their intranet. Banks constitute the most important clients in this regard. The following are this service’s features:

-Secure high-speed internet with unlimited traffic

-User identification via Shahkar System (regulation system)

-Platform for offering business and enterprise value-added services

-Ethernet (Branches internet) integration and user management


Secure, stable and affordable

Data Center Services


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